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Originally Posted by kingocounty View Post
Fantastic! Thanks!!!
Originally Posted by matv View Post
My go to theme. Thanks you.
You're most welcome!

Originally Posted by FnA View Post
First of all, let me say it's great. I want to adopt it. Nice new things, especially the v5 TCP and it's color variations which will always be visible; and also I don't know if anyone pointed out before how nice the skinny master was specifically.

I don't care about fully tinted track panels, but I need to change the items backgrounds and peak preferences. Is this as problematic as the track backgrounds? I see the default v5 theme is the same way? What the....

Still using DC4 exclusively
So there is an option to allow tinting the peaks and item backgrounds separately, if you're comfortable editing an rtconfig. Near the top of the rtconfig, these lines appear:

tinttcp 1962
; "track panel tinting" enabled, allowing true colour swatches
; items are coloured according to track colour, and can be set independently as well
; colouring of individual takes will tint the waveform
; if you replace "1962" with "1578", take peaks are tinted instead of take backgrounds, but this will make it more difficult to see item selection(in this theme, peaks turn white when the item is selected, but not when takes are coloured)

You can change that to 1578 and see how you like it then. In fact there are many different numbers you can enter to affect how tracks and items are coloured, but they are derived from a rather complicated process. You can see that here, if you're brave:

I have to say, requiring users to jump through hoops like this to get back functionality that was previously accessed directly within Reaper is a step backward, not forward.

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