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Originally Posted by sinkmusic View Post
It looks wonderful : thank you so much !
Originally Posted by gmgmgm View Post
Just adding another voice to the thank you chorus.

Great theme, a pleasure to work with. Occasionally I'll load up some other, just to refresh my appreciation for how much I enjoy your work.
Ah, missed you the first time Sinkmusic, you're welcome!

Originally Posted by Psmeg View Post

The number of times I've been asked what theme I'm running in my videos tuts is unbelievable.

Excellent work as always. :0)
I had a look at your tutorials, good job!

Originally Posted by lachrimae View Post
Very nice theme update Commala.

I'm a fan of dense TCP layouts so your Condensed option great.

The FX Rack and narrow MCP are also nice...
I like the sliders in your FX Rack layout and would probably prefer those in the default MCP but either way works.
I like the sliders too but they are slightly less space efficient and don't leave room for the labels when you have two of them (as in dual pan or stereo pan mode). Nevertheless I might add a switch to set all pan knobs to sliders

Originally Posted by Gidcumb73 View Post
Anybody have any trouble with using the new dark and light themes? I have tried downloaded them four times and they each show up blinding white using the Classic 1 graphics. I don't have this issue with other themes. The Commala 3 dark theme I have works fine.

Frustrated. Hoping someone can provide some guidance. Probably something simple I am missing.

Are you using Reaper 5? After you download, if you simply double-click the file it should open Reaper and copy the file to your themes folder automatically. I just checked and it worked here for both
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