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Originally Posted by Commala View Post
A disclaimer - this now means that full track panel colour tinting is not readily available, for technical reasons. The theme can be edited to force this, but it won't look very nice.
Hi Commala!

Thank you very much, once again, for such a splendid theme. I havenīt used another one since I tried and edited a bunch of aspects of yours. Regarding full TCP/MCP tinting, as quoted above, does this mean that from now on that feature wonīt be available anymore? If so, Iīll have to keep with version 4...

Another question (regarding version 4, particularly, if TCP tinting wonīt be available anymore) : is there any way to make track selection (be it on TCP or MCP) have more strength -with a more intense colour shade or something like a frame, which already happens with selected items? Sometimes you have a lot of tracks selected, and itīs difficult to see the selection properly, specially depending on the colour of the tracks. This, of course, comes from the default theme of Reaper 4 itself, but maybe there is some way to hack this...
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