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Hi Soli. You can edit background images for selected TCP and MCP panels (and some other parts for MCP, iirc) in a way similar to item image. I did this with a version of Default Analog by Lerian (put an, in my case green, border around track). It does in fact offer very strong indication of track selection, but has some catches. Here's a few of those. You might try just making that "more intense shade." I never did that.

-Folder indentation causes incomplete border.
-Might have to do it to each layout. Copy/Paste might be possible in some of these.
-Green border on green track is useless. Other colors not so nice either.

I gave up on using fully colored track panels because it is too hard to tell if they are selected. Hence I gave up on the border, because it's not REALLY REALLY necessary with non fully tinted panels, but I do agree that the color could be a little more eye grabbing. Especially it seems on minimized tracks its sometimes not quite enough. Now...

Commala did include in this v5 version in at least the mixer layouts, a little white indicator light at the bottom of a selected MCP. I like this, and would like to see it developed in TCP too. I probably would like to change that to green which is my selection color for text, window tops, etc. If possible. But even white if not.

Commala? I looked at that stuff you posted. I do a little ReaScripting, but that stuff is all new and a bit discouraging. Have not gotten to it yet but I will eventually.

fwiw, I guess I'm most into:
TCP: Big Meter and Condensed
MCP: Narrow and Default
with their colored fader options.
Dark version.

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