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Originally Posted by cmacsound View Post
Hmm, Reaper keeps crashing whenever I try to select this theme... I'm on a Mac. Is there something I'm missing?
This doesn't happen here, and I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else either. Try re-downloading the theme?

Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
Hi Commala!

Thank you very much, once again, for such a splendid theme. I havenīt used another one since I tried and edited a bunch of aspects of yours. Regarding full TCP/MCP tinting, as quoted above, does this mean that from now on that feature wonīt be available anymore? If so, Iīll have to keep with version 4...
The track background image transparencies can be modified to allow full-panel tinting properly, but then it can't be turned off (as in the new v5 default theme). I went with the small colour strips because sparing use of colour better facilitates the user's ability to read colour cues. With the full-panel tinted, the various indicator lights are more difficult to discern at a glance. Track colouring is a way to organize the mix - with the small colour strips the eye simply has to scan along a particular line, and when that is done the track colour is out of the way of other elements. Harder to see the colour when the monitor is further away, though.

Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
Another question (regarding version 4, particularly, if TCP tinting wonīt be available anymore) : is there any way to make track selection (be it on TCP or MCP) have more strength -with a more intense colour shade or something like a frame, which already happens with selected items? Sometimes you have a lot of tracks selected, and itīs difficult to see the selection properly, specially depending on the colour of the tracks. This, of course, comes from the default theme of Reaper 4 itself, but maybe there is some way to hack this...
As shown above, frames don't really look that great for technical reasons that FNA has given. Certain elements always overlap the track_bg. If there was another "frame" element added to walter specifically for this, it could look good.

Originally Posted by FnA View Post
Commala did include in this v5 version in at least the mixer layouts, a little white indicator light at the bottom of a selected MCP. I like this, and would like to see it developed in TCP too. I probably would like to change that to green which is my selection color for text, window tops, etc. If possible. But even white if not.
I think that I will add the white indicator to TCP tracks, I was playing around with that but didn't go with it before. It would be more consistent if it were continued to the TCP.

Originally Posted by FnA View Post
Commala? I looked at that stuff you posted. I do a little ReaScripting, but that stuff is all new and a bit discouraging. Have not gotten to it yet but I will eventually.

fwiw, I guess I'm most into:
TCP: Big Meter and Condensed
MCP: Narrow and Default
with their colored fader options.
Dark version.
I'm not sure what you're saying you could use ReaScript to do here. Are you referring to ELP's post on the tinttcp values?

Originally Posted by lowellben View Post
Personally I think one of the best things about the appearance of the MIDI editor is that awesome frame concept. Where selected items just keep the FRAME border of their color, but then get darker and blacker inside. GENIUS idea. I want that all over Reaper, it's a great visual!
I got this from Lamda's themes, iirc

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