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Sorry, that ReaScript comment was just banter about having a little experience with computerisms in general.

I followed the instructions and was successful in changing item background and peak colors. Thanks! I looked around in RTConfig but could not tell there was something that would do the tint strength for selected media items. That preference is locked out as well. (also unselected. Mainly want to change Selected to [1])

Any idea? Theme is usable for me now, but since I use a black background to heighten contrast of selected items, fading the colored ones more would help I think.

As far as that selection light. I don't know if having it right next to color swatch or whatever it's called is effective after using for a while. Especially with, say, bright yellow track. I guess I don't know what to say regarding that at this point, except "Do your own thing, as you see fit."
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