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Originally Posted by Commala View Post
After a lengthy delay, both versions of Default Commala 5 are now up!



This is my mod of the Default theme from Reaper 4, which I've updated now to take advantage of some new Reaper 5 theming features.

A disclaimer - this now means that full track panel colour tinting is not readily available, for technical reasons. The theme can be edited to force this, but it won't look very nice.

Thanks again to White Tie, for his work on the Default Reaper 4 theme, Lerian, for Default Analog which this mod was initially based on, and Nick Moritz, for the toolbar icons from the Rado theme.


Default Commala features:

- MCP track folder-state indentation, as seen in WT Voodoo

- new TCP layouts: Big meter, condensed

- new MCP layouts: Narrow, FX rack, small master

- reworked MIDI editor

- new panners

- coloured fader layouts

The best Theme! Thanks!!!
I tried to edit the rtconfig to set the fader for the Mixer Sidebar view to red but I dont get it. Can you help for that?
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