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Originally Posted by MusicMan74 View Post
I recently stumbled across these while searching for a free x64 Pitch Shift VST:

PitchTech LADSPA and VST Plugins
Ear-catching exotic and experimental free audio effects
(Available in x86 and x64 versions)

The developer says "Most of the effects have a "quality" setting. Leave it to the lowest value for realtime use or quick tests. Higher quality values can be up to 100 times slower (!), and usually do not run at realtime speed (there are only useful for off-line processing)."
If you attempt to change the quality setting REAPER crashes.

Nevertheless some of the FX are pretty good.
PT Octave Shifter produces a very stable shift without the tinny warbling you get in a lot of pitch shifters. (But we already have the excellent Cockos ReaPitch.)
PT STN separates the sound into Sinuses, Transients and Noise, and allows the level of each part to be well (similar to the 'voice of snow' plugin).
PT Smooth + Rough and PT Stable + Unstable are interesting.
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