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Default !!!!!!!!!!! IPlug2 Challenge !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

id like to remember everyone who is using Iplug / iplug 2 that this framework is absolutely free and for whatever you write with it, you own all rights about it :-)

That is huge!!!

of course iplug2 is still in prerelease, there are still bugs beeing fixed and improvements beeing made. but whats already there, in my eyes is more then amazing - and its getting better daily.

Oli is not the only one lifting this ship, but hes doing a great part(probably the most of it) and hes all giving it for free, because he believes in the power of the swarm. when we get 1000 people to constantly donate 1$ per month to Oli, he is much more closer to beeing able to do this full time. and we are talking about the internet ... 1000 people is not much (look alone at the clicks this forum has). unfortunatly the hurdle to give 1$ seems somewhat already to high for most - really?
i like to encourage you to think about this: if we can manage to provide a fully working framework comparable to juice, while still beeing able to give this for free, without shitty corporate bullshit strings attached - thats a huge signal into the world - it means we grew up as collective to the point, that we do not need to force people to give something, because we dont trust them, rather we can provide for each other and know that we take care of each other when needed.
Thats the world i want to live in <3

So heres the Challenge:

!!!!!!!! Lets send Oli a community thank you and bring him to 1000$ a month on patreon before the first of August 2019 !!!!!!!! - heres the link:

Thank you <3

*disclaimer: i came up with this on my own and didnt ask whether i should/shouldnt do this. i just feel a strong urge in my heart to do this :-) <3
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