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Alright! This is awesome! I knew there bugs somewhere (and fixed, thanks Justin?) :P

Latest Reaper version displays FINALLY the theme properly! Finally the VU meters
show at the top instead of below the fx/sends area. ( Reaper version v5.982 )

::::::::: 4K for the win :::::::::

When using the Mixer in floating mode, when you use the whole height of the screen,
almost all controls show, except INPUT and TRIM, but when you move the mixer 2 pixels down and resize it 2 pixels more (I know, 2 pixels is aprox, I have no way in telling how many pixels but the resizing is almost micro) INPUT controls show.

So only TRIM is cut out. And there is no way of making the Mixer bigger/higher, since
I guess because of coding of the theme/Reaper there is a limitation.

So, aside that, we know, it looks AMAZING. But... too big... haha. I understand
first and foremost (I think I said that already in previous posts):

"This is made for the Retina thingy and given as is."

I understand now that since the Retina and Mac monitors are 27" usually? the theme
in my screen is gonna look massive (55") so of course I was how to make this smaller. But you can't (I have Windows on 100% scaling).

Then I found this amazing news... hidden somewhere on this forum, wink wink,
and I guess because of rules I can't say much about it, just leaving you this Screenshot: I got 36 tracks on the mixer right away, theme looks amazing (how
many times can I say this, lol) so having lots of real estate is so sweet, the theme
is so well made that instantly I can notice all the buttons and their active/inactive state etc, even if in a 27 inch monitor would look very small, the theme here on my 55" screen looks as it "should". IMHO.

The only bug (I think WT is working on it?) is the pan knobs. And perhaps some elements would need to be reworked by jrengmusic because the logo in the transport area now looks very very small.

I hope the pan knobs and stuff gets work out for the relea... ahem, can't say anything, lol. Oh well, Reaper's future looks so bright now.

Leaving you this Reaper project in case you wanted to test it in new R version, and I am not talking about v5.982 (see attachment)

YEs by Charlie Brown, on Flickr
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