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Originally Posted by Justin
[*] midi editor previewing/piano key previewing etc
Looking forward to that. Now that midi is implemented in REAPER there'll no way back: midi, in my experience, is first of all a great tool for composition from scratch & on the fly (just think of the impact of midi on the work of modern composers). So if midi in REAPER in the end will serve a composer's needs... high flexibility (for instance in selecting and altering groups of notes), workflow, multiple undo/redo for trial & error in the writing process... that would be just great.

About midi clock, I recently found a freeware midi clock utility here:
Did anyone ever try it? Would it work in REAPER? I'll try it out myself soon.

Unfortunately I'm much too ignorant in midi technics to give any helping hand on midi clock. But no doubt some brilliant midiots already found their way to this forum.
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