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I have rade Justin's post above, but still want to put my top three list of FR & improvements :

1 - I still claim for a better grid/zooming. I need in my projects a more precise grid view, with the ability to "quantize" audio clips to the grid, even at very close zooming... I used to work with 1/32 beats, but the grid doesn't allow such zooming in Reaper (I mean, i can zoom at 1/32, but the audio clip moves freely, i need it to fit/lock to the nearest tempo grid point, even at 1/32 beat)...

2 - audio & midi recordings improvements : the ability to make recording begin only at a certain point, or on a certain region (and maybe some kind of automatic thing to do that : )

3 - video supporting ??? (not editing, I know Reaper is not Vegas, but the ability to use Reaper as a sountrack-maker would make it even more interesting ! !)

4 - Is it possible to have measure AND time displayed in the same time ?
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