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Originally Posted by sinkmusic
1 - I still claim for a better grid/zooming. I need in my projects a more precise grid view, with the ability to "quantize" audio clips to the grid, even at very close zooming... I used to work with 1/32 beats, but the grid doesn't allow such zooming in Reaper (I mean, i can zoom at 1/32, but the audio clip moves freely, i need it to fit/lock to the nearest tempo grid point, even at 1/32 beat)...
This one's already there.

Alt+enter will bring you to the "Project Properties" dialog. (or use the "File/Project Properties" menu, or the button on the top toolbar). The settings are under the "Project Tempo" tab. You can set the grid and snap, induvidually, all the way down to 1/32nd note.

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