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Tread carefully here
SOrry my english i a bit bad, i do not understand this word... what does it mean ?

1- As my suggestion has been fulfilled, i would have one killer feature request :
I think this should be quite hard to add, as Reaper does not look to work that way, but this is yet one of the only reason i keep Tracktion on my coputer : the ability to have vst plugins not just track-related, but also clip-related (in one track, with "by-track plugins", we could also drop a plugin on a sample of a clip to appy an efx only on that part of the clip : very very very useful to make breaks... and better than slicing a clip, putting it in a new track, and inserting the efx in the whole new track...
Would it be possible ?

2- loop record mode, better midi implementation, better handling of highly sliced-chopped-cut clips while reading (too many often, i have red blinking and audio drop-outs when i read sliced samples...) ;
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