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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
This level of crash makes me think it might be the graphics driver or compositing manager, REAPER shouldn't be able to crash the entire session.
This problem is now affecting Ubuntu 19.10 as well. Again, some save dialogs, and some I/O routing panels will cause the entire desktop to crash.

I understand the thinking that it's a graphics driver or compositing bug, but the problem with that line of reasoning is that it's only REAPER that causes the crashes, and it happens on both AMDGPU and Intel. So some major conflict with the compositor is still likely, but I have no idea if it's REAPER exposing a Mutter bug or newer Mutter exposing a REAPER bug.

I'm going to keep poking it and see if I can uncover anything. I do believe this will be a major breaking bug soon, as Ubuntu and Fedora will both be releasing new stable builds soon, with Gnome 3.34 as the default DE on each.
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