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Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
I'd be interested to hear as well.

As you correctly noted, I tend to use a few midi tracks, than print everything to audio. Even though my productions easily have over 100 tracks, I never keep them as midi and therefore don't utilize everything that can be done in REAPER.

But my feeling has always been, if your needs are that complicated, you usually can figure these things out. But would love to find out if I'm wrong.

The chapter 24. MIDI is ok, it's not as painfully slow as the other ones and covers a lot of useful basics. (Note velocity, not volume btw! Two very different things.) It could actually be split into two or three chapters, could make the page look less like it's only about audio, and make it easier to find specific topic.

There really should be at least one chapter about using VST instruments, now someone could open that page and think it's not even possible.

Mouse Modifier chapters concerning MIDI editor (not new videos) are great and comprehensive, these were very helpful when I modified the editor behaviour.

Some topic ideas:

- setting up MIDI controllers

- VST and MIDI learn

- using a controller to record track control automation

- editing MIDI items in arrange view and item source looping (it's quite different from other DAWs)

- editing multiple MIDI items across tracks (one of the best MIDI features of REAPER and something not available in many other DAWs)

- using MIDI hardware sound sources with REAPER

- BONUS CHAPTER: controlling transport with key shortcuts while plugin windows are open ;-)

Some other not MIDI stuff:

- finding, installing and using community content like JS and scripts
- common useful shortcuts (check out Lynda tutorials how they teach shortcuts, they show on screen when they are used and the author repeats them a lot)
- consider de-essing a bit more, you have a very pronounced and extended "s" which gets distracting at times.
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