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Some new automation actions are incoming to 5.17.

I'll try to do a video demo, but in the long run you're the better video producer here so you may want to take a stab at them.

Automation: Write latched envelopes to time selection
Automation: Write latched envelopes from edit cursor to end of project
Automation: Write latched envelopes from edit cursor to start of project
The big ones(to me). No longer do you need to juggle automation modes to write only what you need with actions, but can safely twist controls and write them, and only them immediately.
Automation: Write latched envelopes from edit or play cursor to first touch position

Some might remember this as write back to punch from consoles and other DAWs. A staple in modern automation. It uses the Automation Return Speed from the Preferences/Automation page as both the in- and outgoing transition time, which happens before the punch in and after the position the command is triggered.

I've used these commands for little over a day now, and they've already saved me boatloads of time and kept automation management tasks small.

Basically I keep all tracks in Latch, put a playhead/edit cursor somewhere and either do my changes in STOP mode or hit play over a time selection and twist, write-to-latched and then match out, kill time selection/loop selection with two keystrokes.

It's an enormous relief. I'm still thinking about how to convey this to people who have never used it before.
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