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Default Connect nodes

The "Multi tool" script combines several functions into one:

As soon as the shortcut key is pressed, colored zones will light up on screens, indicating the available functions.

Each zone may either be left-click/dragged, mousewheel-triggered, or right-clicked. The zones and their associated left-button / mousewheel functions are:

* Compress lane from top / Flip values absolute
* Compress lane from bottom / Flip values absolute
* Scale values from top / Flip values relative
* Scale value from bottom / Flip values relative
* Warp left/right or up/down (depending on initial mouse movement)
* Stretch from left / Reverse positions
* Stretch from right / Reverse positions
* Tilt left side / Snap to chased values on left
* Tilt right side / Snap to chased values on right
* Undo
* Redo

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