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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
This is quite bizarre I think.

I can't get any of these to work as either keyboard assigned scripts in the midi editor action list or the normal arrange page action list.

I've read the instructions too and am on the latest pre-release just in case.

I wonder if there's something obvious I'm doing wrong.

One thing it could be is that I use a wacom pen and not a mouse so maybe it's not picking up on the absolute position of the pen?

Will try a mouse in a sec.
Since these functions are user scripts, the way they respond to shortcut keys and mouse buttons is opposite to that of REAPER's built-in mouse actions with mouse modifiers: To run a script, press the shortcut key *once* to start the script and then move the mouse or mousewheel *without* pressing any mouse buttons. Press the shortcut key again once to stop the script.

(The first time that a script is stopped, REAPER will pop up a dialog box asking whether to terminate or restart the script. Select "Terminate" and "Remember my answer for this script".)
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