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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Thanks. I did try that and what's interesting is that I don't even get the terminate window like I do with most scripts. Should I be running them from the normal action window or the midi action window? I've tried both though?
Originally Posted by Soli Deo Gloria View Post
I have the same issue; I havenīt been able to use them since I find the same situation as musicbynumbers. Running them either with shortcuts or through the action windows does not seem to do anything, no matter what combination of mouse/mousewheel movements movements I use.
Curiouser and curiouser... I quickly tested the scripts on a new installation of REAPER, and they seem to work OK.

Perhaps you could check the following?
1) The events that you want to manipulate are selected
2) The MIDI editor is active
3) The mouse is over the lane

If the mouse is not positioned over a suitable part of REAPER's interface, the script will not run.

Do you have the same problems with the Deselect script (which does not involve the mouse)?
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