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That's probably it. I'm on the latest beta for sws.

And so it begins.. the slow but sure "unwinding" of all the lovely sws tapestry as buts of it start to break and there's no one to fix them. Really sad..

Thought it would last a bit longer than this!

Originally Posted by ELP View Post
the problem is that his scripts need exactly stable sws version 2.8.3..
newer betas 2.8.6 or 2.8.7 and also lower versions others then stable SWS 2.8.3 do not work...
for this scripts

some of the br_xxxx things like reaper.BR_GetMouseCursorContext() seems to be broken within newer betas... or maybe complete missing like Breeder^^
(have looked not yet accurate...)

With SWS 2.8.3 x86 & x64 all his/this great scripts work..

really good & much useful scripts. but need exact sws 2.8.3

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