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Default The control surface integration project (CSI) -- includes OSC

Notes wiki -- thanks @MalcolmG -
Video -- thanks @poetnprophet -

Edit: You can now donate, just go to

Following a bit of discussion in the Feature Request subforum (, I have decided to take on the task of improving support in this area.

This is an open call for feature requests, overall philosophies, dream/cadillac solutions, etc.

Just trying to get a feel for what we should attempt to build here.

Nothing is off the table, it should be MUCH easier than the EuCon support project, because it is comparatively unconstrained.

For example: don't even know if this is possible yet, but imagine being able to control the faders from an MCU, the transport from an Artist Transport, and the VST compressors, EQ's, reverbs, etc. from an iPad (perhaps using OSC).

 [edit Aug 28 2019] After close to 3 years we can say we have taken the first steps :)
That's the kind of open free thinking I'd like to promote here.

From that we can derive a "doable" project.

Have at 'er folks, this only works if you participate.
CSI - You can donate here:
Beta software:
installation and documentation here:

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