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Originally Posted by eugen2777 View Post
Hello All. In fact, it was originally made as a toy to show that EEL is much, many times faster than LUA. But then I liked the idea and I will develop it. I'm not a professional programmer, it's a little hobby.
I can not say exactly when and what will be realized, I have little free time and some other work. But this idea will be brought to an end. We have a sound, an accessor, and a lot of program features - we have to use it.
At the moment I have a test version. I can say for sure - filters are added, the algorithm is completely changed, the attack should be clear and fast, like ordinary compressors, and some other things.
RMS size parameter will also be added. And a choice of any envelope(can be used for a sidechaine).
My English is bad, so, sorry
Great news! Thanks.
And your English is good enough, no need to apologise.
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