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Originally Posted by cfillion View Post
EDIT: ReaPack and reapack-index v1.2rc1 are out! p=1886939
As we might be approaching a next version of of ReaPack, and due to ongoing discussions regarding Reaper extensions needing to be more easily available, especially for new users, I'd like to recapitulate and retrigger some thoughts already discussed here in the past.

1) ReaPack should be distributed and installed with a new installation of Reaper by default.

2) ReaPack should always be available as the top entry in the "Extensions" menu.

3) Very commonly used and "unreplaceable" stuff like SWS and MidiToReaControlPath should be (easily) available via ReaPack.

4) VSTs should be manageable by ReaPack. I suppose such VSTs could be located in a folder in the Reaper Ressources which accordingly should automatically be added to the VST search path.

5) It should be (easily) possible to create "pure description ReaPacks" that provide descriptions for extensions that are either not managed by ReaPack or are in a format (e.g. VSTs) that don't allow for adding an internal description.

7) ReaPack should be usable to (easily) allow volunteers to provide description texts for the Reaper stock plugins (JSFX and VST).

8) Reaper should (automatically and obviously in favor of new users) be provided with functions to "context sensitively" show the descriptions of the installed extension and plugins (maybe ReaScripts, Themes etc, as well, but I am a newbie regarding such). E.g. "F1" on a JSFX plugin installed in the Track's FX chain.

9) There should be a "recommended" repository managed by a group of volunteers, containing decently tested and description-providing extensions.

Thanks for continuing the great work !


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