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Originally Posted by ClassicMan View Post
I am new to Reaper having moved from Sonar and would like to use one of your scripts.

I need to be able add specified start and end CC points and draw a smooth and gradual line between them.

For example add CC11 40 and 100 points then add a smooth gradient between them.

It seems that your Insert linear or shaped ramps between selected CCs or pitches in lane under mouse will do the job. I have downloaded and installed the ReaPacks and your script is listed under "Extensions".Would someone please help with details on how I actually now use the script. What do I do next to see this work with my selected CC data.

Many thanks.
Welcome to REAPER!

Since you are new here, I am not quite sure in how much detail I should describe each step -- could you let me know if you are already familiar with the following features?

* REAPER's Actions list and the different sections such as "Main", "MIDI editor", etc? (The different sections in REAPER's Actions list are not only relevant to scripts, but also to all other native actions and custom actions. By dividing actions into sections, REAPER allows you to use the same shortcut for different actions in different sections, so that you don't run out of shortcut keys. For example, when working in the main Arrange window, you can use "S" to split items, and while working in the MIDI editor, you can use "S" to split notes.)

* Assigning keyboard shortcuts and mousewheel shortcuts to actions in the Actions list? (Most users like to assign mousewheel shortcuts, such as shift+mousewheel, to zooming and scrolling actions.)

* It is simpler to run my scripts via keyboard shortcuts, but you can optionally link them to toolbar button too. Do you know how to customize REAPER's toolbars and link actions to toolbar buttons?

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