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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
That really blows. I wonder what the roadblocks are for plugin developers adopting LV2 as a crossplatform format.
I'm not a coder, but from what I've read, one format places giant rocks in the way, and the other places boulders in the way. And then daw-coders
must be willing and able to fully integrate lv2 as it changes
(hopefully for the better) over the years.

From a musicians point of view, I think lv2 needs a robust preset
load/save system, as easy to use as fxp/fxb, and beyond that,
some really great in-app preset managers, and a rigorous implementation
of matching verbage, rather than every dev implementing
their own pet buzzwords and catch-phrases. Reinventing the wheel is fine,
if one really must, as long as it's still called a wheel in the menus...
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