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Default MIDI Inspector

EDIT 2019-02-17:

js_MIDI Inspector:

A script that shows important information about the active MIDI take, selected notes, and selected CCs.

The script can open a separate GUI window, or it can be "docked" inside the regions/markers lane of the MIDI editor:

The MIDI Inspector improves on REAPER's native Properties windows in several ways:
* The GUI is continuously updated and does not interfere with MIDI editing.
* If multiple events are selected, value ranges are shown.
* Note, CC and take information are all shown simultaneously.
* Note and CC positions can be displayed in any of REAPER's time formats - as well as additional, more accurate formats.
* When using multiple editors, the script will automatically switch to the active editor.

When docked, the script will try to use theme colors. However, the user can also specify custom colors in script's USER AREA, for the GUI as well as the docked modes.

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