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Originally Posted by SuperEB View Post
Ok thanks. I've completely nuked and re-installed wine/libraries without success. Glad to know its possible, was questioning whether I should invest any more time into this. Currently I'm using Mint.

Unless you or anyone else has a better recommendation, I'll try Xubuntu next, mainly because I'm already using it on another machine.
Hi, I assume you're financially vested in Waves, and really like
using them, so what I would do, tedious as it may be, is start
with an empty wine staging 3.12, add an over-ride, and test,
one at a time, and remove each over-ride that seemingly
accomplishes nothing, as you go. When one has a positive effect,
chronicle that, and continue. The ones of no visible effect
can be added back later, as there may be cumulative over-ride
teamwork efforts needed to make some things spring to life.

In the meantime, IK Multimedia has a free Amplitube Custom Shop
version with a basic set of gear, to let you use and test
the sound quality, and ease of use.
Amplitube gear models can be tested for 48 hours,
twice a year, to be purchased ala-cart, if you have a specialty
need, rather than buying a large package. I bought the Fulltone
collection, 3 classic items in one go, and Amplitube 4,
and find both the retail end of the Custom shop, and the
authorization manager app work well in wine-reaper,
and my IK 'user area' listed 4 updates available,
which I'll do today, cyber willing.

I doubt switching between ubuntu flavors will
directly affect waves use, but may be desired on
other merits.

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