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Originally Posted by osxmidi View Post
Why not try a Waves demo license first and see what happens and then if that's ok delete the wine prefix and start again with the full version.

Waves V10 needs some additional steps to work btw which are up on the LinVst Github page.
Thanks. I did try this, but got the following message when loading Waves Central as well as when I attempted to install the C1 demo:

No connected devices
No USB flash drives were detected and your Ethernet card seems to be disabled. Please enable your Ethernet card and/or connect your USB flash drives, and reload Central." My ethernet is enabled and my USB drive with the Waves licenses is always plugged in!

Originally Posted by 4duhwinnn View Post
Hi, I assume you're financially vested in Waves, and really like
using them, so what I would do,
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I do have a bunch of Waves stuff, but really If I could replace AR Plates and the 670, I could do without the rest. I've tried many alternatives. My problem was not with running Waves plugins,as the first time I ran WC, WC mysteriously dumped licenses onto my system. The plugins worked great, but WC could not find them after the fact so that they could be moved as needed! When I booted from my W10 partition, somehow WC was able to find and retrieve them, but moving them back to my hard drive in W10 did not make them available in Linux.
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