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I couldn't authorize it -- it gave an error that the license was already in use by a different account. If I used a different email address (not one associated with the license) it just said "internal error". Apparently you can't use the plugin in more than one "place". Annoying. Not sure if there is a way around, or if iZotope would bump up your license by one user on request.

The plugin seemed to work OK in demo mode, except that it was very slow. Meaning, UI elements took noticeably longer to update. Maybe this is normal with plugins bridged in this way; this is my first adventure into this world. (I'm sure I'm not on latest wine, either.)

I started with a dedicated linvst_dlls directory, and as with osxmidi and ozone, I had to make an .so for the main plugin file (iZotope Trash 2.dll) but make sure NOT to make an .so for iZTrash2.dll, which I symlinked to the same location. Alternately I could just make a iZotope Trash in the same directory as the original iZotope Trash 2.dll and that worked without further meddling.

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