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Originally Posted by serr View Post
Aw jeeze...

I just ended up talking with a couple of my engineer friends and mentioned the XR18. Apparently the built-in wi-fi is basically DOA if you get more than 20' away from it in an actual live stage setting. One of them tried to go out on tour with it and ended up scrambling and picked up an X32 rack on the road. Both had glowing reviews of the X32 rack.
If you're in a location you haven't used for Wifi before, you should check how many other routers are near and if there's a free channel. We have no problems in the main theater, because it's on the inside of the building. The smaller theaters that are next to neighbours, however, are much more difficult to use Wifi in.

I guess you get what you pay for sometimes after all. I trust these opinions. Don't go for the XR18 if you need to run live sound. Home studio use where there's no interference might be cool though.
Money's no parameter at all. I'm thoroughly enjoying a TP-link that's only 20 €. It comes with DD-WRT if you want it and it's range is better than my Airport Xpress's. I do prefer Mikrotik for long term installations, or difiecult spots, as they sell a number of 1W routers.

50 Watts would only be useful (and legal) in the desert, or so. Both sides would need to have 50 Watts TX power or it wouldn't get you anything. I've never seen 50W Wifi gear that was real. But I've used boosters in the forest to get VHF or UHF to go up to 5 km. It only needed 4 Watts to get there, but it took an entire day to figure out where to put the antenna's...

And the same goes for Wifi. If the range isn't what you expected, run some radio analysis software. And move the gear about 4 inches both ways to measure signal strength. That can make a lot of difference.

In fact, it's a lot like mic placement
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