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Some of you may know me from the SONAR/Bandlab forums. After revisiting a mix done on SONAR X2 this past week and having the program crash on me constantly (happens with a lot of big projects) I threw in the towel and decided to give this another whirl. I had used this .dll file to port over a lot of my older MIDI projects. This was the first time I've used it on a 50 plus track mix. I know Reaper well enough now to understand how this works with folders vs. buses etc. All I can say is THANK YOU! I had to reassemble some things due to missing plug-ins and plug-in chains from the Cakewalk Pro Channel, but that wasn't to difficult. But most importantly, 2 plus hours of work and ZERO crashes with Reaper. I've liked and used Cakewalk for years, still do at work. But the crashes and clunkiness with big projects was too much to take.
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