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Thanks for all the feedback. One thing I'm going to have to do before going down this path is to do a project or two using my new USB based interface to make absolutely sure that I can go totally without my older M-Audio PCI based Delta 2496 cards.

The mobo I'd probably get would be the newest X570 series from Asus, and not a one of them has a legacy PCI slot. I'd likely do this entry level Prime 570X board, because the ones up from it are geared for gaming and mining, not really offering anything more for a DAW.

The other thing I'm considering if I build one of these is going to a 3U rack mount case that could go in the rack of my desk where a mixer is now. The 3U Behringer RX1202 mixer has nothing plugged into it now since buying a new UMC1820 audio interface. A cheep 3U rack server case and a couple of 120mm quiet fans can be had for less than $100.
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