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Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
@peevy, yep, intel cpu is a way for hackintosh, do your graphics card works ok on hackintosh? when i tried long time ago everything worked great, logic pro worked great, the only problem was videocard.

Well I haven't gone the hackintosh route & am happy to be back in Linux after about 7 years on mac which started on a mac mini & ended on a 5k imac. I just watched the price of mac go up year after year & couldn't justify another mac upgrade. I'm not the biggest fan of windows so here I am back with Linux & for the most part loving it.

I did go for mostly hardware that's supported by apple in case I ever change my mind. So when I bought a new GPU recently I went for an AMD RX580, because it looks like apple are no longer supporting nvidia cards. Plus the Linux Kernel supports AMD GPU's without having to mess with installing drivers. Although for working with blender I did have to install the userspace opencl-amd driver.
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