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Originally Posted by Peevy View Post
If I was building my pc now & not 6 months ago, I'd probably be going AMD threadripper. Not because the 8700k is performing badly but I've been using blender a lot lately which can now use GPU+CPU for rendering & those extra cores would speed things along nicely. Also the price difference between a 12 core threadripper & a similar specked xeon is unbelievable.

But yeah AMD/Ryzen are definitely a serious contender & as far as I know well supported on Linux.
I figure any new AMD or Intel will outperform my 2009 Intel i5 750. I use my machines until there is no tread left, then I re-purpose them. Old DAW becomes new MythTV server, old Myth server becomes new Kodi client in the living room and so on.

Interesting comment about AMD's Radeon being natively supported in Linux. I did not know that and have seen massive failures using nVidia's drivers for Linux. Change out a failing nVidia based video card with another and got things so effed up on my MythTV server that it took a re-install to fix it.
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