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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Thanks for the link. I'm probably going to get this. I have a friend in NJ who can pick it up and send it to me (I'm in Canada and we don't quite have deals like that here).
I have never bought of Amazon yet; Micro Center is so cheap/good. There is one in Denver I go to once in a blue moon. But they run stupid deals like $1 PIs. I built this pc a while back with 8 core AMD for like $60 and returned Asus board - AND they honored the combo deal?!!. Mobo was like $16 and CPU was on sale. The other board I got a returner Gamer mobo for $13... I can read the monthly flyer like a magazine - they are so cool gl. I have never had a problem with them if I wanted to return or upgrade or down swap.
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