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Hey guys, thought I'd chime in.

I've fixed my problem (as far as I can tell). The fact that it wasn't happening on a Portable install was a huge red flag, and implied it was something in my config. This is what I did:

1. Backed up my Reaper config.
2. Completely uninstalled reaper, and deleted the %appdata%\Reaper folder where ~10 years of configuration stuff resided.
3. Renamed the config backup to .zip and extracted.
4. Reinstalled Reaper
5. One by one (testing between each one), copied config files from the extracted backup into %appdata%\Reaper until my config was as close to normal as possible using the absolute minimum number of old config files. ie, I let the VST cache rebuild itself naturally but copied in Reaper.ini, swsautocolor config, custom mappings etc.

So far so good. Thank you for the time you've put into making ARA as seamless as possible.
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