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Yeah. I have no idea. I know what I DIDNíT use from my old config but thatís about it. I have all the successful config saved along with what was added in the name. Once I got enough of my settings back, I stopped restoring and just finished by setting some preferences. I saved that config and it seems to be fine.

And I DO know that if I use my old config now it breaks everything. As long as I donít save under that config, everything is fine. As soon as I put my new working config back, everything works again.

If anybody at Cockos is interested in my old and new config to compare, lemme know.
AND MY BLISS HAS ENDED!! The project I'm working on has been performing wonderful. Bout 15 minutes ago, Melodyne started the same crap. Corrupt. I just don't understand. I'm going to try ANOTHER reinstall of Reaper and throw that working config in to see what happens.

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