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Originally Posted by matnoir View Post
I'm having the same problem for some time now and started a thread back in may about it.

This post to say that, I've always managed to find a working version (with all Melodyne data correct and not complaining) in the last backups (I have auto backup set to 2 minutes).

Which is why it seems unlikely that this problem is config related, as some RPP projects work and some don't including backups.

However, I did try to delete all my .ini files this morning, to no avail, I got the same error from Melodyne.
Thanks for chiming in!!

At this point it still feels like a mystery to me. Melodyne is a huge part of my process. Iím now looking at other options besides Melodyne but thereís nothing out there that seems even close.

Pretty big bummer. We have put so much time into this problem and at this point there is really not even a reliable work around.
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