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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Great news !

ToggleMapFX maps ALL the plugins on a Selected Track for which there are Zone definitions.

It's good for things like the Console1, which has a channel strip flavour -- input section -- gate/transient shaping section -- EQ section -- compressor section -- output section.

You can do the same with something like a C4 but you can't have all the definitions overlaying, which I suspect is the case here, the last one is overwriting the ones that precede it because they all map the same C4 widgets, is that the situation ?

With this style there is no "flick thru them", that's what FXMenu is for.

All the preceding relies on the fact that I understood your question

If not, please clarify
I get you, so really I'd need to section it into These knobs are for EQ, these for comp, if i was going to experiment with it like that, would the other Unused sections of the C4 need to be NoAction or commented out?
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