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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
New build is up.

It's better, but watch out for quirky behaviour and please report any you find.

Here are the key statements:

	OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets
        OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackFXToWidgets
	OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackFXToMenu

	Send ToggleMapSends
	Pan ToggleMapFX
	Track ToggleMapFXMenu
Order matters for the OnTrackSelection lines.

If they are all toggled ON, MapSelectedTrackFXToMenu wins in the example above.

You can, of course, change the order to anything you like, whatever suits your workflow.

Also a bit of unfinished mapping.

The FXMenu Zone defines almost nothing, Widget wise.

You can get strange things like the Faders on Sends, but the display on FXMenu choices.

To clean this up it is simply a matter of mapping NoAction to all the Widgets you want blanked when the FXMenu Zone is Activated.

In other words more entires in the FXMenu Zone, each pointing to NoAction.

It's likely there is other weirdness in here, we are balancing on the knife edge of flexibility/intuitive operation, all accomplished without any notion of stacks, tricky game
Hi Geoff, I meant to bring this up: the other day you asked about radio buttons. Is it correct to assume that one would either want

OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackFXToWidgets
OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackFXToMenu

So, this could be a radio button style selection...?
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