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Default "Bool" parameter problem in AAX builds

Have a strange one here - not sure if it's a bug in iPlug or in Pro Tools.

Every "bool" parameter in my plugin responds to automation values when jumping around the timeline with transport stopped but does not respond when transport is running. On playback the variable will properly switch from OFF to ON but then never turns off thereafter (it's latching at "1/True").

Happens in Pro Tools on both Mac and PC.

These same controls work perfectly in VST/VST3 and AU apps.

Anyone else come across this?

BTW - I'm trying to run this in MSVS Debugger but I get a continuous stream of: "Exception thrown at 0x000000000F74FBE2 (ProTools.dll) in ProTools.exe: 0x80000004: Single step" and can't debug. Not sure what's wrong there.
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