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With any OS, be it Windows, Linux, or whatever.

Don't install a bunch of stuff you know nothing about like little 3rd party *helper* tools that someone in a forum might suggest, and you prolly won't pick up any undesirable modules that are hiding in the background.

I run Firefox with NoScript, with strict blocking, use the hosts file from, have cookies disabled except for sites like this one that I trust, and have it throw everything away every time it closes. I also run UFW on every machine in the house, and have zero shares.

Yeah, web pages look pretty funky and are missing lots of things that come from other places, but javascript and a rogue ad square is all it takes to acquire stuff like keyloggers and bitcoin mining from your browser.

I never install 3rd party stuff unless it comes from a company or person that I know and trust, or if it is in the distro's repository. If it is packaged up in an installer and comes from someone I know nothing about, I'll simply skip it and never have to wonder what all was installed all over my drive.
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