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Originally Posted by bozmillar View Post
You're going to need to do your own. Or you can go 3rd party and use something like iLok.

The registration I have on mine is pretty much pretend security. The real benefit is that the demo version and the full version are the same plugin, so I don't have to compile two separate versions to have a demo. Security is an afterthought.
Thank you for the info.

Security is a real problem for sure. Two days after I release my plugins they are all over warez sites, etc.

After reading through the giant 21+ page post on KVR about the subject I concluded it was a waste of time to try and implement security means - so I basically have nothing which is also a huge mistake. I tried the "after the fact" services like Tracksaur/Linkbusters. They remove a lot of links but they can't remove ALL so I'm not sure it really helps (yet their service itself is an ongoing expense).

I am using the required Pace signing on my AAX plugins - which I know for a fact stopped at least one hacker (he told me!) but their system is very expensive and a lot of users don't like it.

So, what to do? I don't need "Fort Knox" but I do need SOMETHING that is both simple and economical. Or is even that a waste of time?
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