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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
Not only is Linux a viable platform/OS for Reaper, I actually get better CPU performance than on Windows. The bigger issue is the lack of support by plugin developers. Once you start running windows plugins in Wine, it cancels out most of the gains.

If Reaper can ever manage a native windows VST bridge, I think people will be able to do some serious damage.
I see pretty equal performance between REAPER for Windows vs Linux. This is on a dual boot machine, so it's the exact same hardware in both cases.

As for plugins, I've retired all my Windows audio plugins and am using 100% native Linux audio VST plugins now. Mostly paid, but some free ones too.

VSTi instrument plugins is another story though, and in fact I am using a monstrous virtual guitar instrument I constructed using Kontakt with a clean electric guitar sample going into a Guitar Rig virtual Fender Twin. It's the guitar panned center through the Leslie. The real 12-String is panned hard left and mandolin panned hard right. Also the Vox Continental organ is Native Instruments B4 Organ with the Vox tonewheels set.

I'm having no problems at all working exactly like I did in Windows. The virtual instruments I use don't tax the system much, even though they are bridged Windows plugins, and with all native Linux VSTs for audio, it feels as tight as I was used to in Windows.
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