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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Does that mean you did the Wine-bridging setup for Kontakt and Guitar Rig manually ?
Yeah, I installed the Native Instruments stuff in WINE and then ran the converter in LinVST to bridge them. Running LinVST's converter is a one time no big deal process. Making Native Instruments hybrid Win/Mac ISO readable through the process was the bigger issue, as you have to mount the ISO using an unhide option or else WINE will only see the Mac part halfway through the install.

As Klangfarben says, Reaper/linux providing this in a "native" (i.e. automatic, user friendly, transparent) way, this would be a great step ahead (but supposedly a huge task for the devs).

Yeah, but like James said, that is not like the native 32 to 64 bit bridging that REAPER does provide in both Windows and Linux versions. If you are going to run Linux, you will be getting your hands dirty anyway, and making Windows VST plugins work in Linux is really not that hard. Running LinVST's converter is a simple matter of pointing it to where your Windows VSTs are and pressing GO.
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