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New tracks for October are great fun to mix. Especially with the "gloves off" on plugins!

For anyone who hasn't already sussed it out, Fytakyte has this song posted on SoundCloud. Might want to give it a listen. In my opinion it won't be too difficult to get a better mix than what's posted there. It's VERY loud! Sounds distorted and over compressed...some tracks don't really make much of a showing in the mix...

Anyway the point of this post is not to bash that mix. It was to give encouragement to everyone here. No kidding guys, when you compare your mixes to theirs you may want to see about getting your CV (Resume) in order!

I didn't snag the link but if you Google "Outa Control Fytakyte" it comes up. There are other hits as well. I just chose to go to SoundCloud. So far as I can tell what I found was not a independent mix but the one they uploaded to their page. Or so it seemed anyway. Give it a listen and see what you all think.
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