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Originally Posted by PVinKC View Post
Hey do you like the Kali's? I have a bad Alesis M1 and am thinking of upgrading. The LP6 seems like a decent option. I was hoping to go up to those or the LP8's. Any thoughts (anyone)?
I love these Kali LP6! The 8's seemed a little to big for my space. If I had a room where I was able to get like 24"-36" away from back wall and have them at 67" apart, bam! I would have them for sure. I am scaled down a bit from that amount of space. sittin at 47" tweeter to tweeter. ( listening position at (47 x .5662) is the triangle sweet spot.
They have a great positioning EQ on the back and via a dip switch you can set for whatever speaker positioning you are working with also, can turn off the RCA inputs, and there is separate volume on each, and LF & HF trim.

Sound is so much more than they look. Very clear in the mids and not harsh at all with the tweets. x-over @ 1500hz and bottom is solid. nice and flat to about 45-ish? and rolls of to 38 hz or so...Loud or quiet the positioning is really clear in stereo field.
No chuffing or noise from the ports at all.... I have cranked them till they overload a bit, and they very politely tell you by making an ugly distortion, (by design) and the nice little blue light is angry red. but that was on 11 and then some.... never gonna hit it at mixing, even the louder end of the 85dB-90dB range, they were designed with lot's of headroom. Music choice makes a difference too, I was pushing some Old Die Antwoord.....

When I first got them I thought I would set them up and get right to work..... au contraire mon frère! I ended up just sitting and listening to them for days, I was ordering cd's from amazon (love same day delivery) just to listen.

So now I'm trying to mix on them for first time, I went a little crazy, and am trying to go back and calm the F down with some of my "volume choices"

But, none of my errors are speaker related that's for sure, if anything they encouraged me a little too much....

This will be my next Kali's, they also have a nice ass SUB for studio or stage coming out...

**Addendum** Submitted my go at the mix. Been a while. Fingers crossed....
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