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Default center scoop and the kick is not panned at all. It's run through Shep's Omni Channel set to mono and panned direct center.

I believe over compression is responsible for the drum issue you pointed out. But I didn't mute the hats at all. Probably something to do with a setting on Shep's in the gate/exp section. I'm not gating but the exp is in use and I noticed if set incorrectly mutes the track like a gate oddly.

As for the center scoop, I use span and it was quite flattish on the overall mix. I don't scoop guitars ever except for some scream metal. I'm a guitar player and I hate hate hate guitarists who take the very frequencies that carry the bell tones and bulk of the guitar tone and body away.

As a live sound engineer I've said this many times, "If it sounds like crap going IN, there's nothing (or very little) that I can do to fix it!

I did however use CLA Guitars to add crunch and sustain to what sounded to me to be too clean. Maybe that was a bit much?

Anyway thanks for the review regardless.
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