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China is gradually switching to Linux.

Huawei started shipping Linux based Deepin laptops.
Not sure how many of you are familiar with Deepin but its fabulous and the company based in China.

Russia also wants to de-windows their government machines, desktops and even phone operating systems by promoting Sailfish.

China have the ability to push billions into projects like Deepin and third party software.
Look at WPS office, Foxit, Kylin and Deepin Linux distribution.
Its going to be interesting to watch this trend.

Since the US have been using American based companies as boycott tools to wield political power against its "rivals" I can understand why these companies want to de-US their systems. We really need decentralised operating systems, hosted in neutral countries.

I myself is a fan of Windows 10 and was actually surprised how good Microsoft made this OS. With Google and Microsoft you almost expect way more f@#k ups then successes.

China, India and Africa represent billions of people. And Chinese have
buying power that can easily afford $60 license fees to push Reaper Linux sales.

The Chinese market represent over a billion people. So I can say for sure that with this gradual push away from Windows, Linux is a viable platform.

Microsoft is concerned about this and they released Windows source code for inspection by Chinese and Russian authorities if I recall correctly. And Microsoft and Google is not happy with the US government.
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